FIM Student Luka Latinović Won at Climathon in Novi Sad 2018

Luka Latinović, FIM student, led the team called RecyClick in the victory at Climathon held in Friday-Saturday in Novi Sad. The RecyClick Team has created a business model of a digital platform that should facilitate the collection of recyclable waste. The team also included Gordana Ilić, Doctor of Chemistry from Singapore, Dimitris Sioulas, Software Developer from Greece, Milan Sunjević, Master of Architecture from Serbia.

On Tuesday, October 30 and Wednesday, October 31, Luka will talk to the  colleagues from the 1st and 2nd year of studies about his experience from the competition and the role of management engineers in leading a multidisciplinary team and creating a clear and effective business model. Participants were form various countries (Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Greece, Romania), who were mostly either professionals with many years of experience or doctors of science.

The winning team won € 1000 to create a platform and start with the idea.