Forum: Water purification and efficient wastewater management

The forum Water Purification and Efficient Wastewater Management, which is being held today at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, is also attended by Luka Latinović, a teaching associate at the School of Engineering Management who graduated with the topic “Water consumption and pollution in Serbia – Potential of domestic zeolite application water treatment in Serbia”.

Bearing in mind the fact that wastewater is one of the key pollutants of soil and groundwater, as well as the fact that Serbia, as a candidate country on the road to the EU, has an obligation to comply with EU standards on wastewater quality and treatment, pursuant to Chapter 27, as and the fact that Israel is a leading country in technologies dealing with wastewater and efficient use of water resources, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Israeli Embassy in Belgrade are organizing a business forum on water treatment and efficient wastewater management, which is being held today at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Those who attend the event have the opportunity to get acquainted with Israeli technologies used in the field of water resources protection, as well as to exchange experiences and consider opportunities for potential cooperation with partners from Israel.

Photo source: Pexels.