The Belgrade Dance Institute has today presented a Gala Concert on the occasion of the completion of the 5th International Summer Camp for Artistic Dance, Summer Dance Camp Vranje, at the Army Cultural Centre in Vranje.

Within the Gala concert, variations and pieces of classical ballet in the choreographies of Bahram Juldashev as well as contemporary choreographies by Tomek Pomersbach and Ognjen Vucinic have been shown, performed by all participants of this year’s summer camp for the artistic game from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Germany and Belarus.

The students of elementary and secondary ballet schools, students of the Institute of Belgrade Dance Institute and professionals took part in the camp programs.

The guests have been the representatives of tho town of Vranje, the Army, Secondary High Schools Dorm, prof. Dr. Vladimir Tomasevic, president of the School’s council, Prof. Dr. Slobodan Živkovic, Dean of the School and many others.

Summer camp was led by Bahram M. Juldashev (Russia / Slovakia), Ana Pavlovic (Serbia), Tomek Pomersbach (Poland), Ognjen Vucinic (Croatia), Mila Stijak (Serbia), and Ana Spremic (Serbia).

The summer camp is being held under the auspices of the School of Engineering Management in Vranje with the support of the City of Vranje, the Army Cultural Centre and the Secondary High Schools Dorm in Vranje with the aim of decentralizing the artistic dance and popularizing the classical ballet and contemporary dance.