Interview with Jan Fabr after the Night of the Monodrama premiere

On February 22 this year, the Night of Writers’ Monodrama by the Text, directed and directed by Jan Fabre, premiered at the Raša Plaović National Theater in Belgrade.

The Night Writer is a visionary and disarming hymn to subversive and intriguing artist Jan Faber, in which the audience is not presented as a visual artist and theater creator, but rather focuses on Fabr’s creative aspect, that is, his texts, which often remain in the shadows. They, like Fabre’s drawings, portray his intimate experiences, desires, ideas, and obsessions. He often writes them at night (when everything is quiet and loneliness descends on the man) with his very original language opening the door to a world full of fantasy and surprising knowledge.

The playwright is Mie Martens and the composer is Stef Kamil Karlens. The production of the set design was entrusted to Jasna Saramandic, the costume to Katarina Grcic Nikolic, and the design of the body of the Jan Fabra doll to Goran Belancevic.

The interview was moderated by Jan Fabr, Director of the National Theater Ivana Vujić and Dean, prof. dr. Vladimir Tomasevic.

Jan Fabro’s guest appearance in Belgrade was united by the opening of the Feast of Little Friends Feast on February 21 at the National Museum in Belgrade, the premiere of the Night Writer Monodrama on February 22, performed by Slobodan Bestic at the National Theater, and the publication of Fabre’s third book, The Night Diary 1992-1998, translated by Jelica Novakovic Lopušine published by Sam (a) his own movement of the Belgrade Cultural Center.