Serbian Journal of Engineering Management referenced in Serbian citation index

The journal of the School, Serbian Journal of Engineering Management, since March 1, 2019, is referenced in the Serbian citation index.

Data and all journal issues are available at:

The bibliometric report is in June, when more impact information will be available.

All articles published in the journal Serbian Journal of Engineering Management are assigned the DOI code.

In SCindeks, domestic journals are categorized as periodical publications of a scientific character. In addition to the title and abstracts of works, the metadata in the SCIndeks consists of all cited references. Most recent articles are available in full text. Journals are subject to constant evaluation with regard to the impact (impact) in the base itself and supplementary in the quoted WoS indices. At the same time, the indicators of the  bibliometric quality of the journal, mainly derived from the criteria for their inclusion in WoS. The best SCIndeks journals, selected according to special criteria, are additionally monitored and recommended for reference to publishers of international citation databases.