Learn Spanish and discover…

Spanish lessons give you a basic structure for learning a language, but if you really want to learn a language, you are expected to learn new words and practice grammar on your own every day.

One way is to read in Spanish for less than an hour. These can be light newspaper articles about music or fashion for beginners or more serious newspaper articles about world events for advanced levels.

If you are not interested in fashion or Spanish politics, you can search the Internet or the Cervantes Institute for short novels in Spanish on various topics – detective novels, adventure novels, travelogues and the like. These short novels have no more than 50 pages. Look for the book Amnesia by Jose Luis Ocasar Ariza in the library of the Cervantes Institute, and you will find all the other books next to it.

Immerse yourself in interesting readings and find out who the thief or kidnapper is and learn Spanish effortlessly.

These novels are specially written for those who are learning Spanish and have been prepared keeping in mind the different levels of knowledge of the Spanish language – beginner, intermediate and advanced.

When writing, the knowledge of grammar and vocabulary at a certain level is taken into account, and words that deviate from the levels are explained in the text right next to the unknown word. Yours is just to make an effort to follow the plot of the novel.

For those who like detective novels and who have a basic knowledge of Spanish, we recommend the already mentioned short novel of about thirty pages called Amnesia. The action takes place in a city on the coast of Spain, and in a short time, a robbery and traffic accident occurs. Two people are in the hospital, one is the main character whose name we do not know because he suffers from amnesia due to the collision, and the other person is also lying in the hospital, unconscious. The police come to find out which of the two of them is crying and which a random passer-by is. Our hero must regain his memory to find out which of the two of them is him….