Mensa testing in Belgrade

IQ testing in Belgrade will be held on Sunday, April 10, 2022 at 12:00 (first group), and from 13:30 (second group), at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, Kraljice Marija 16. The testing can be accessed by persons who have not come out for Mensa testing in the past year and for whom this is one of a total of three attempts. The lower age limit is 17 years.

The fee for students of the School of Engineering Management is 900 dinars and you can pay it in all post offices and banks, or by e-banking, by filling out the payment slip as follows:

Payer: name and surname;
Purpose of payment: BG testing;
Recipient: Mensa Srbije, Bulevar oslobođenja 22, 21000 Novi Sad;
Payment code: for cash payment 189
for non – cash payment 289

Amount: employees = 1,200.00 dinars

students = 900.00 dinars;

Recipient’s account: 325-9500600061109-53;

Reference number: JMBG (must enter this information)

Reservation of a place for testing is possible after the payment is recorded on the account of Mensa Serbia, ie. the next day (regardless of the method of payment) and no later than 48 hours after payment (depending on the place of payment). After the time it takes for the payment to be credited to the Mensa Serbia account, book a place for testing at the desired time by entering your data in the application form. The application form is set up so that your application will not be accepted if the payment is not registered.

In case the system does not accept the reservation after 48 hours from the payment, the problem should be notified by e-mail to

Applications will be accepted until the required number of places is filled. It is obligatory to bring an identification document with a picture, which contains the JMBG, and for pensioners, the unemployed, students and pupils, a proof of status.

The result of the test is SECRET and arrives directly at the candidates’ home address. You can see the schedule of testing in other cities on the page:

Note: If you have previously made a payment for a test that was canceled due to a pandemic, and you want to take the test on April 10, you can contact so that the Testing Commission can reserve a place for you.