Collective annual leave 2021

  • 2:02PM Jul 15, 2021

We would like to inform professors, associates, and students that the School of Engineering Management and the Belgrade Dance Institute will not be working during the collective annual leave in the period from July 19, 2021 to August 31, 2021. The first working day is September 1, 2021. All electronic applications and inquiries received during […]

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Important notice: Undergraduate studies – second enrollment deadline 2020/21

  • 1:55PM Jul 15, 2021

Application for undergraduate studies in the study program Engineering Management (240 ECTS) is held in the second enrollment period if the accreditation quotas are not met. Information will be published on September 1 at the School’s website. Application for undergraduate studies in the study program Management (180 ECTS) is held in the second enrollment period […]

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A new novel by Professor Miomir Petrović

  • 4:20PM Jul 14, 2021

A new novel by our professor Miomir Petrović will appear in bookstores in the Laguna publishing house in the middle of August. Belgrade friends of a film art professor on a temporary job in one of the emirates imagine that his life is like a postcard. He teaches at an elite college, drinks expensive drinks […]

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Jobs available for engineering management professionals

  • 4:10PM Jul 13, 2021

We remind students of the study program Engineering Management to a wide range of jobs that management engineers can perform in the following areas: Project management; Business process management; Business process re engineering; Production process management; Logistics management; Procurement Management; Quality management; Operations management; Risk management; Human resource management; Management of creative industries; Management of […]

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Project Management and Industry 4.0 – New Graduate (Master) Program

  • 9:36AM Jul 09, 2021

From this school year new Master Program Project Management and Industry 4.0 has begun! The purpose of the study program is to create, in the field of industrial engineering and engineering management, qualified managers for effective project management in the emerging circumstances of Industry 4.0. They will be able to manage large and complex projects […]

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Web site difficulties

  • 9:15AM Jul 07, 2021

We apologize to the visitors of the website of the School of Engineering Management for the occasional difficult access due to the large number of visits. Our IT service is working on eliminating the problem and we expect the normalization of the site during today’s working day.

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Recognition of the results of entrance exams from related faculties

  • 12:10PM Jul 06, 2021

For enrollment in the accredited study program of four-year undergraduate studies in Engineering Management at the School of Engineering Management, the results of entrance exams of related faculties are recognized – University of Belgrade: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Organizational Sciences and Technical Faculty in Bor; University of Novi Sad: […]

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The most popular new courses – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  • 9:35AM Jul 05, 2021

One of the new core courses in the undergraduate program Engineering Management is the Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. The aim of this course is to understand contemporary trends in the development of algorithms and techniques in the field of machine learning and artificial neural networks, as well as to acquire the knowledge necessary for the […]

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We present new undergraduate courses – Industry 4.0

  • 12:46PM Jun 30, 2021

We are presenting some of the new courses for the new curricula of the undergraduate Engineering management program. Industry 4.0 The goal is to train the students to understand and work on integrating industrial processes into global changes brought by digitizing the processes. They need to be able to automate and share data in production […]

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Most popular undergraduate studies program: Engineering Management

  • 4:56PM Jun 29, 2021

From the school year 2020/21 a new undergraduate program in Engineering Management has started! The program aims to empower students to work independently on production technology management processes, both in the traditional manufacturing and creative industries, and in security. The aim of the study program is to master engineering skills and methods that are applied […]

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Webinar Creation and editing of normative files in COBISS.SR

  • 2:42PM Jun 28, 2021

Jelena Mitić, librarian of the Faculty, attended the webinar “Creation and editing of normative files in COBISS.SR” organized by the Section for Cataloging of the Library Association of Serbia, held on Friday, June 25, 2021. Through online lectures to catalogers in the COBISS system, explanations and advice were given regarding the creation and editing of […]

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