The new age of engineering and construction technology

  • 2:06PM Jul 10, 2020

The engineering and construction (E&C) industry is at the cusp of a new era, with technology start-ups creating new applications and tools that are changing how companies design, plan, and execute projects. By providing advanced software, construction-focused hardware, and analytics capabilities, these innovative start-ups are eliminating many of the problems that have dogged the E&C sector […]

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A recording of the EBSCO lecture and instructions for use

  • 12:51PM Jul 10, 2020

All registered for the EBSCO webinar received a recording of the lecture, access data, as well as instructions for using ESSCO content. This data can be useful to students and professors of the School of Engineering Management who need online access to literature during the summer from any location.

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EBSCO webinar

  • 1:33PM Jul 09, 2020

An EBSCO webinar on EBSCO database search techniques: Academic journals and e-books was held today. The webinar was led by Karolina Podloucká, Customer Engagement Manager, EBSCO Information Services. The main topics were: * Search via basic and advanced questionnaire, * Targeted research with filters in order to obtain the most relevant information (date of publication, […]

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Announcement of the death of Chancellor of the University

  • 10:05AM Jul 09, 2020

We regret to inform students, professors, assistants and associates that the founder of the University “Union – Nikola Tesla”, professor emeritus and longtime Chansellor of the University “Union – Nikola Tesla” has passed away. The School of Engineering Management expresses its most sincere condolences to the family of the esteemed Professor Božilović, and the commemoration […]

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Siemens is launching a new soft starter from the Sirius series

  • 9:31AM Jul 09, 2020

Siemens Smart Infrastructure has expanded its soft starter portfolio for engines, launching the Sirius 3RW55 Failsafe and Sirius 3RW50. Soft starters provide protection for electric motors used in industry and infrastructure, during commissioning and shutdown. Sirius 3RW55 Failsafe are the first to have an integrated Safe Torque off (STO) function. As stated in the safety […]

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Rethinking the renewable strategy for an age of global competition

  • 4:25PM Jul 08, 2020

Over the past decade, renewable have developed from niche technology to global industry. With environmental concerns rising to the top of global and regional agendas, the debate has shifted from “When will renewable take off?” to “How much faster will they grow?” As the cost of renewable continues to fall sharply and their growth rates soar, […]

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Reminder – EBSCO webinar

  • 10:22AM Jul 08, 2020

We remind all students that the link for the EBSCO Database Search Techniques webinar: Academic journals and e-books can be obtained by sending an e-mail with the name, surname and index number to the address The webinar is of an interactive type and questions can be asked, the video will be available to all […]

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Using analytics to get European rail maintained on track

  • 12:38PM Jul 07, 2020

The volume of European rail traffic is growing rapidly, making it ever more important that tracks, signals, and bridges are safe and reliable. The costs of infrastructure maintenance and renewal already exceed €25 billion a year across Europe, and they are rising. Despite this spending, operators are struggling to adequately maintain their assets resulting in unacceptably […]

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Defense of final thesis – Nemanja Đuričić

  • 7:26PM Jul 03, 2020

Today, at the School of Engineering Management, Nemanja Đuričić, with all the necessary distancing measures, defended his diploma thesis entitled Crisis Communication in the situation of fires, mentor prof. Dr. Proda Secerov.

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Webinar – Ebsco database search techniques: academic journals and e-books

  • 12:14PM Jul 01, 2020

What are the methods of accessing reliable academic resources in a time of large amounts of information? How can literature research be conducted effectively? The School of Engineering Management has secured access to Ebsco databases of scientific sources and invites you to a webinar where you will get answers to these questions. The main topics […]

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Mandatory wearing of face masks indoors

  • 4:58PM Jun 29, 2020

As of Tuesday, June 30, it is not allowed to stay at the School without protective masks that cover the mouth and nose. Wearing protective masks is mandatory throughout your stay at the School! It is still not possible to enter the School building without a protective mask covering the mouth and nose. Security officers […]

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