Opening of The International Conference “Critical Infrastructure of the Defense Industry”

School of Engineering Management and the National Risk Management Association (NUUR) are organizing today the conference “Critical Defense Industry Infrastructure”, guided by the idea of ​​regional gathering of eminent scientists and experts in the field of risk management and critical infrastructure protection of the defense industry from the country and abroad in order to exchange experiences and good practices in identifying and analyzing the impact of existing and potential risks to the defense industry, the examination of trends in the development of critical defense infrastructure systems in the defense industry in the field of physical and technical protection, protection against fire and natural disasters, occupational safety, environmental protection, industrial safety , as well as in the implementation of all other measures that are taken to protect against different types of risks.

The International Conference is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia and with the support of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Many of the companies from the defense industry of the Republic of Serbia, as well as representatives of the Ministry of the Interior of Montenegro and Ministry of the Interior of Bosnia and Herzegovina, representatives of the Directorate for Rescuing and Protection of the Republic of Macedonia, as well as numerous scientists and experts from scientific-educational, scientific-research institutions and companies from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Serbia.

President of the Council, Prof. Dr. Vladimir Tomašević, held a welcoming speech, and the Dean of the School, Prof. Dr. Slobodan Živković and Prof. Dr. Mirjana Kranjac are leading the sessions.