Presentation of courses in Master studies – Industry 4.0

The modern master’s program in Project Management and Industry 4.0 brings new courses. One of those courses is Industry 4.0.

Course objective: Enabling students to understand and work on the integration of industrial processes into global changes brought by digitalization of processes (automation and data exchange in production technologies), including understanding the principles of digital data transmission, application of Internet technologies, Internet of Things, Cloud computing, Big data processes , artificial intelligence and standards for computer security and system security, as well as connecting the whole society in the creation of Industry 4.0.

Course outcome: Students who are able to understand, apply, and introduce new global technologies in technological processes of certain industries based on digitalization and data exchange in a world where physical elements exchange data and manage processes through artificial intelligence.

Topics: Digitization; Industry 4.0 Drivers and Challenges; Digital data transmission and protocols; Comparison of classic and smart company; Principles of operation of intelligent devices; Road to Industry 4.0: The Internet of Things; Smart production; Smart products; Smart logistics; Smart cities and regions; E mobility; Technologies for Industry 4.0: Cyberphysical systems, robotics, support systems; Technologies for Industry 4.0: Mobile applications; Computer security and safety; Data as a new company resource, knowledge exchange; Role of data, acquisition and processing; The importance of information, knowledge and networking in the company of the future; Company clustering and cluster internationalization; Global value chains; Cloud computing, shared hardware and software resources; Internet of Things, Sensors and Laboratories Industry 4.0; Big data concept; Opportunities and Challenges of Industry 4.0; Workers of the future; Necessary new knowledge for Industry 4.0; Acquiring new skills for Industry 4.0; Analysis of the situation in Europe, America, China and other countries; Possibility of development of Serbia in the direction of Industry 4.0, necessary administrative conditions, necessary equipment and knowledge; International cooperation in the development of Industry 4.0.