Presentation of the robot of the Serbian National Team at the FIRST Global Challenge Olympiad in robotics


We invite you to the presentation of the robot that the Serbian National Team officially presented at this year’s FIRST Global Challenge Olympiad in robotics.
The presentation will be held on November 3 at the Faculty of Engineering Management, at 10 am.
FIRST Global Challenge is an international competition that gathers young people interested in robotics from all over the world and gives them the opportunity to compete, get to know each other, exchange knowledge and experience and present their country to the whole world.
This year, the Olympics took place from October 13 to 16, in Geneva. The robot was delivered in parts from the USA, and the Serbian team worked hard to assemble it. The students of Kreativno pero Gymnasium, Nikola Tesla High School of Electrical Engineering, Mathematical Gymnasium and XII Belgrade Gymnasium, together with their mentors, represented Serbia this year.
The teams competed divided into two alliances of three representatives each, and solved various tasks aimed at one of the big problems of today. This year, the teams learned about the real challenges associated with reducing accumulated carbon dioxide from the air. Carbon dioxide is the gas most responsible for creating the greenhouse effect, thus it is responsible for warming the planet Earth, which leads to accelerated climate change.

Solving this global problem with the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere requires much more than the best engineering minds. Brand new technologies and future leaders are needed to offer a solution. Apart from the robotics competition, male and female students learn that some challenges can only be overcome when people realize that we are all on the same team and that by working together, through the application of technology and cooperation, they can become carriers of positive changes in the world.

The Serbian team won ten, out of twelve matches within the competition, which is considered an exceptional success.