Procurement of Vertex.One.EIS potentiostat/galvanostat in the Netherlands

For the purpose of implementing the COST project, the School of Engineering Management has acquired the most modern Vertex.One.EIS potentiostat/galvanostat capable of all standard electrochemical testing techniques from the manufacturer Ivium Technologies from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The reason for purchasing the device is electrochemical testing of anticorrosive potential of various materials, primarily glycerol, for the needs of metal processing in the machine industry, all the way to other materials that would provide long-term corrosion protection in conditions where galvanization is either technologically impossible or economically justified.

Today in Eindhoven, the device was taken over from Mr. Williem ter Veen by Luka Latinović, doctoral student and assistant at the School of Engineering Management and a participant in the COST project.