Project Universal Design – information for assistant professors, teaching assistants and students

The Cultural Center of Belgrade, in cooperation with accessibility experts and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, is launching a long-term project Universal Design, which will be presented on October 25 and November 1 this year.

The project will be realized through several phases. In the first phase of a series of workshops, the organizers want to raise awareness of the importance of culture without barriers as well as achieving universal solutions in order to fully include people with disabilities in the programs of cultural institutions.

Universal Design is not a fashion or a trend, but a lasting approach to design based on the belief that a wide range of human abilities is ordinary, not special. Universal Design addresses the barriers faced by people with disabilities, the elderly, children and other populations that are usually overlooked in the design process. Universal Design reduces stigma and provides benefits to all users.

The second and third phases will be focused on the preparation of studies on the accessibility of facilities as well as program content in cultural institutions.

This new editorial office of the Cultural Center Belgrade, editorial office for Universal Design, aims in cooperation with colleagues from other cultural institutions to launch the implementation of accessible program content and facilities in Belgrade, and in the future examples of good practice can be transferred to all other cities across Serbia. .
During the workshops, a team of accessibility experts will talk about accessibility principles, legislative frameworks, handicap access theory, as well as joint implementation actions.
Inclusiveness will be seen from the perspective of participation and design for all, ie universal design.

In addition to getting acquainted with the basics of using sign language through movement, the workshops will discuss suggestions on how to make the programs we create equally accessible to people with disabilities, how to recognize the real needs of these users, how to respond to them and how to include them equally. programs that we implement within our institutions.

The workshops are intended primarily for employees of public cultural institutions in Belgrade and Serbia, those who create programs in the field of culture and art, educators, as well as all those who are interested in cooperating with us.

The lecturers engaged in our workshops are: Ljupka Mihajlovska, Bojana Rudić Počuč, Marko Pejović and Ivana Bućko.

Registration for the workshops is done by registering via e-mail or by calling 011 2622 757, and the complete schedule of lectures is available on the website