Second day of the Euroguidance conference and development of the Map of career factors at the School

On the second day of the ninth Euroguidance conference “Career guidance and counseling in the Republic of Serbia and Europe”, which is be held from 25 to 26 October 2021, the tools and practices of career guidance and counseling in various institutions were presented.

The introductory presentation was given by Prof. Dr. Mary McMahon, of the University of Queensland, Australia. She presented the principles of application of the system theory of creating a framework for career development and encouraged career practitioners in the Republic of Serbia to apply and develop its principle.

At the School of Engineering Management, the so-called Maps of career factors, through which students can assess their individual interests, the impact of the environment and the labor market, but also the impact of opportunities, or coincidences on the individual career path. This week, impact factor maps will be prepared by second-year students within the course of Engineering Communication II.