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Serbian Journal of Engineering Management is a new scientific journal, published by School of Engineering Management and Society of Engineering Management of Serbia. The papers are presented in English, Serbian and other former Yugoslavian languages.

Themes included in the journal are: Engineering management, Industrial engineering, Project management, Strategic Management, Logistics, Operations management, Production systems management, Quality control, Quality management, Entrepreneurship, Risk management, Human resources management, Financial management, Information systems, High technologies management, Environmental management, Maintenance management, Creative industries management, Security management, and Marketing.

Editorial board is consisted of distinguished academics from various countries dedicated to establishing the highest academic standards and promoting engineering management principles in Serbia.

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Tomašević, FRSA


Published semiannually (January and July)

Owner and Publisher:
University „Union – Nikola Tesla“, School for Engineering Management, Belgrade

For publisher:
Vladimir Tomašević, PhD

Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Vladimir Tomašević, PhD

Associate Editor: Tatjana Ilić-Kosanović, PhD

Editorial board:

Prof. dr Vladimir Tomašević, School of Engineering Management, Belgrade, Serbia
Dr Smilja Marković, Institute of Technical Sciences of SASA, Belgrade, Serbia
Dr Milica Kašanin Grubin, Institute of Chemistry, Technology, and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia
Dr Slavka Zeković, Institute of Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. dr Elizabeta Ristanović, Univeristy of Defence, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. dr Duško Minić, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Kosovska Mitrovica
Prof. dr Vladica Ristić, School of Engineering Management, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. dr Nikolay Popov, Tambov State Technical University, Russia
Prof. dr Jasmina Starc, Faculty of Business and Management Sciences, Novo Mesto, Slovenia
Prof. dr Aleksandar Ašonja, Faculty of Economics and Engineering Management, Novi Sad, Serbia
Prof. dr Simon Muhič, Faculty of Technologies and Systems, Novo Mesto, Slovenia 
Prof. dr Marjana Merkač Skok, GEA College, Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Prof. dr Ioan Bacivarov, Professor, ETTI – University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania
Prof. dr Sonja Cindori, Faculty of Law, University Of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
Prof. dr Jelena Buha, ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
Prof. dr Duško Tomić, American University in the Emirates, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Prof. dr Drago Pupavac, Polytechnic of Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia
Prof. dr Brankica Pažun, School of Engineering Management, Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. dr Tatjana Ilić-Kosanović, School of Engineering Management, Belgrade, Serbia
Doc. dr Milena Premović, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Kosovska Mitrovica
Doc. dr Magdalena Nikolić, School of Engineering Management, Belgrade, Serbia

Manuscript Editor: Jelena Mitić Matić

Manuscript Translator: Maša Stojičić-Pavlović

Editorial Board Secretary: Jelena Rajković, MSc

Technical Editor: Damir Ilić, MSc

Design: Damir Ilić, MSc

Press: Draslar Partner, Belgrade

Circulation: 300


ISSN: 2466-4693


Publication policies

The publication has ISSN number for the print version.

Aims and Scope:
Serbian Journal of Engineering Management is a scientific journal, published by the School of Engineering Management and Serbian Society of Engineering Management. The publication is
dedicated to the areas of Engineering Management, Industrial Engineering, Project Management, Strategic Management, Logistics, Operations Management, Quality Control, Quality Management, Risk Management, Management in Information-Communication Technologies, Management in High Technologies, Environmental Management, Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Creative Industries Management, Security Management, etc.

Journal is categorized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia for economics and organizational sciences.
The journal is indexed in CEEAS EBSCO database (https://www.ebsco.com/m/ee/Marketing/titleLists/e5h-coverage.htm).
The journal is indexed at Serbian Citation Index (https://scindeks.ceon.rs/journalDetails.aspx?issn=2466-4693).
The publication is indexed at National Library of Serbia and Serbian Citation Index (CEON) for the purpose of bibliometric analysis (https://scindeks.ceon.rs/journaldetails.aspx?issn=2466-4693).
Official languages of the journal are English and Serbian.

Paper Types:
Original unpublished scientific paper:
 Original scientific paper;
 Plenary lecture and paper presented at the conference;
 Review paper;
 Scientific review; discussion.
Original unpublished professional paper:
 Original paper;
 Contribution
 Book review.
Papers should be written in English.

Editorial policies:
Editorial Board is striving to maintain the highest academic standards. The submitted papers should be original and unpublished until now and shouldn’t be in the process of reviewing in some other publication. The papers would be subjected to evaluation on plagiarism according to iThenticate program. The papers should fit the outlined academic and technical requirements.
Submitted papers must be in alignment with guidelines for authors. In case the authors did not follow these guidelines, they would be reviewed for correction. Technical guidelines can be downloaded from the following link: Guidelines for the Preparation of Papers for Publication in the Serbian Journal of Engineering Management NEW
All manuscripts are subject to double blind review, i.e. the process of double ’’blind’’ anonymous reviewing. The papers must not contain any references which may indicate the author(s).
Editorial board ensures than no reviewer will be contacted to review a paper from the same institution or a parent institution as an author or authors.

Paper Submission

Authors should send their papers via E-mail casopis@fim.rs in .doc or .docx format.
The application consists of two separate attachments:

 Attachment 1, which contains the following data: the title of paper, author’s name (without professional title), institution and address (email, postal address, phone number), as well as the asterisk next to the author in charge of correspondence;
 Attachment 2, which contains the paper with the following elements: paper title, abstracts, key words, the research part of the paper, tables, graphs, references and attachments.
Authors, who pass the double blind anonymous review, will receive the acceptance letter and a document titled Author’s Statement of Originality, which should be filled in, undersigned, scanned and sent to the e-mail: casopis@fim.rs. For the purpose of UDC classification, the authors of accepted articles should provide their year of birth. Each published article receives digital identification number (doi).

Paper content

All papers should contain: introduction, which elaborates on the aim and subject of the research, main hypothesis, work methods and paper structure; middle part of the paper where research is outlined (it is further divided into sub-headings) and conclusion, which represents summed up results and implications for further research.

Author’s rights

After accepting the paper and signing up the Author’s Statement of Originality, the authors sign the statement according to the Author’s Rights of the Journal.

Author’s editions

Authors of published papers will receive the print version of the paper for their personal usage.

Paper submissions

Papers should be submitted via E-mail: casopis@fim.rs.


Currently, there is not an APC or any other fee requested from the authors.

Serbian Journal of Engineering Management
School of Engineering Management
Bulevar vojvode Mišića 43
11000 Belgrade
Tel. +381 11 41 40 425


Serbian Journal of Engineering Management VOL 7 No. 2, 2022.


Irena Nikolić
Waste Management in Steelmaking by EAF Route

Jelena Raut, Slavica Mitrović Veljković, Boban Melović, Predrag Vidicki
The Influence of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem on the Initiation and Development of Innovation Processes

Andrijana Kaluđerović, Jovana Grbović
Leadership Influence on the Public and Private Sector

Hatidža Beriša, Vinko Žnidaršič, Milan Miljković
Challenges of Small States for Informational Action in Regard to Capacity Development

Aleksandar Arnautović
Managing Project Using JIRA Software

Tatjana Ilić-Kosanović, Damir Ilić
Contemporary Challenges for Defence System of the Republic of Serbia

Aleksandar Ilić
Effects of COVID19 on Business Processes in Creative Industries – Case Study of Cultural Centre in Belgrade

Jelena Ilić, Aleksandra Vojvodić, Jasmina Jovanović
The motivation of the students of the School of Engineering Management when learning a second language


Serbian Journal of Engineering Management VOL 7 No. 1, 2022.


Stefana Janićijević, Anđelija Mihajlović, Anđela Kojanić, Aleksa Ćuk
New Approach for Graph Based Data Mining Model

Smilja Marković, Vladimir Tomašević
Management of Waste Biomass from Food Industry: Potential Application of Peach Shells for Wastewater Treatment

Snežana Knežević, Ivan Ivković
Managing the Implementation Processes of Cultural Competency into a Healthcare System

Srđana Taboroši, Biljana Maljugić
The Role of Tik Tok Social Network in Developing Public Relations

Željko Grujčić, Brankica Pažun, Zlatko Langović
Software Tools Application in IT Products Selection

Sonja Ketin, Boban Kostić
Identification of Hazardous Location in Urban Area

Jelena Mitić
Information Innovations and Effectiveness of the Academic Library – The Example of Belgrade School of Engineering Management Library

Vaidehi Pandurengan, Adil Khamis Al-Balushi, Nidaa Al Subhi, Ana Jurčić
Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) to Test Emotional Intelligence as a Mediating Variable between Transformation Leadership and Employee Performance: Telecommunication Sector in Sultanate of Oman


Serbian Journal of Engineering Management VOL 6 No. 2, 2021.


Luka Latinović, Marjan Marjanović
A Systematic Review of Human Health Risks Associated with Metalworking Fluids Exposure

Milan Krivokuća, Vladimir Tomašević, Jelena Rajković
Security Aspects at Airports and the Willingness of Passengers to Travel Abroad during a Pandemic of the COVID-19 virus

Stefana Janićijević, Vojkan Nikolić
Graph Structures for Data Visualizations

Dragan Ugrinov, Miloš Markov, Magdalena Nikolić
Small-town Sustainable Development Opportunities

Tatjana Ilić-Kosanović, Damir Ilić
Higher Education Faculty, Administration, and Students’ Perceptions of Eco Fashion – Case of the School of Engineering Management

Jaya Sangeetha
Influence of the Dimensions of Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Behavioural Intentions on the Respective Constructs in Retail Banking: the Middle East Context

Hatidža Beriša, Jelena Mitić
Media through the Prism of Social Change and Business Decisions

Katarina Štrbac, Duško Tomić
Emergency Management in the Republic of Serbia during the Covid-19 epidemic

Verica Savić, Filip Matić
Trotsky as a Product of Specific Time – Strategy, Leadership and Culturalization


Serbian Journal of Engineering Management VOL 6 No. 1, 2021.


Miloslav Hoschek
Quantum Security and 6G Critical Infrastructure

Damir Ilić, Vladimir Tomašević
The impact of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in 2020 on the perception of combat drones

Angelina Pavlović, Snežana Nestić, Goran Bošković
Circular economy management in business organizations using digital technologies

Milan Krivokuća
Medical waste management

Marko Radovanović, Aleksandar Milić, Milan Stevanović
Analysis of anti-armor missile systems using the hybrid model AHP – VIKOR method of multi-criteria decision-making

Katarina Štrbac, Branislav Milosavljević
Crisis management system in European Union – how it works?

Rade Slavković, Aleksandar Dumić, Marko Gnjatović
Influence of industrial accidents in defense industry on security in the Republic of Serbia

Tatjana Ilić-Kosanović
Work-life balance of teaching staff at higher education during COVID 19 pandemic

Veljko Ćalasan, Rade Slavković, Jelena Rajković
Application of Green Tools in Green Marketing Approach


Serbian Journal of Engineering Management VOL 5 No. 2, 2020.


Luka Latinović, Nemanja Stojić, Jovana Latinović
Important factors in the revival of the biodiesel industry in Serbia – progress or pitfall?

Petra Balaban
The suitability of polymer packaging for recycling

Pažun Brankica, Zlatko Langović
Cloud computing concept in education systems

Milan Krivokuća
Social responsibility in the application of integrated marketing communication

Verica Savic, Marine Milad
Leadership lessons: The Cuban Revolution and the Creation of a Myth called Che Guevara

Amra Garaplija
Integrated waste management in accordance with the „ISO 31000“ risk management standardand and „National sustainable development strategy “ in the Republic of Serbia

Stefana Janićijević, Đorđe Petrović, Miodrag Stefanović
Sales prediction on e-commerce platform, by using data mining model

Tatjana Ilić-Kosanović, Vladimir Tomašević, Damir Ilić
Micro and small enterprises and human resources retention in a pandemic


Serbian Journal of Engineering Management VOL 5 No. 1, 2020.


Aleksandra Vujko, Mirjana Delić Jović, Olgica Zečević Stanojević, Leposava Zečević, Dragan

Gastronomy as a mean of marketing management and rural destination development

Ana Gavrilović, Dragan Ugrinov, Igor Radošević Magdalena Nikolić
Modern management in the function of increasing of health service quality in primary health care

Jenő Fáró, Mária Lakatos, Éva Karai
Financial position of Hungarian agricultural companies before, during, and after the global financial crisis

Marko Radovanović, Milan Stevanović
Analysis of the construction characteristics of automatic domestic production rifles for the purpose of equipping units of the Serbian Army

Zoran Ćirić, Otilija Sedlak, Stojan Ivanišević
Implementation of blockchain technology in the smart city

Veljko Ćalasan, Marko Gnjatović, Jelena Rajković-Borisavljević
Service profit chain

Ioanna Coralia Zavera
Transport infrastructure – a pillar of prosperity

Tatjana Ilić-Kosanović, Vladimir Tomašević, Damir Ilić
The students’ expectations from higher education career development centres’ courses – Case of the School of engineering management


Serbian Journal of Engineering Management VOL 4 No. 2, 2019.


Marija Najdić, Stefan Munitić, Jelisaveta Vučković
Analysis of the activities of white pollution prevention for “green tourism”

Nikola Perović
The Post-Acquisition Changes in Management of Target Companies: Cases in South Eastern Europe

Željko Grujičić, Brankica Pažun
An example of multi-criteria optimization using Expert Choice

Luka Latinović
Production and mandatory use of biodiesel in Serbia from the aspect of economic impact on the population

Gregor Jagodič, Tina Vukasović
Media influence on consumer buying behaviour

Srđan Tomić
Project management processes in culture

Zlatko Langović
Database оptimisation in business systems

Veselin Vranić, Aleksandar Vranić
Innovation! Green Mail: The introduction of an electric car modeled on the European post


Serbian Journal of Engineering Management VOL 4 No. 1, 2019.


Srđan Tomić
Engineering of sustainability of the socio-economic position of the theater in the Republic of Serbia on the example of the Belgrade Drama Theater

Nikolina Ljepava, Duško Tomić, Dženana Nuhodžic, Marko Gnjatović
Cyberbullying, online behavior, and the students’ psychological well-being: An engineering management approach

Brankica Pažun, Irena Rašević, Ognjen Raketić
IT solutions for human resources management

Safet Korać, Milan Mićin, Danilo Čupić
Sustainable development – going over to green economy – security implications

Damir Ilić, Tatjana Ilić-Kosanović
Engineering an excellence model in higher education based on Baldrige criteria and Hoshin Kanri principles

Stanko Bulajić, Dejan Gojković
Trend analysis of out-of-pocket health expenditures in the Republic of Serbia

Jelena Rajković Borisavljević, Milinko Veličković
Canvas biznis model

Velimir Strugar, Edin Garaplija
Management of risk-based maintenance in power systems


Serbian Journal of Engineering Management VOL 3 No. 2, 2018.


Luka Latinović
A New Recycling Paradigm – An Innovative Approach to the Plastic Waste Recycling in Serbia

Adis Puška, Sead Šadić, Jasmin Stovrag
Transformation of Linguistic Values in Numerical Values Using Fuzzy Logic

Marija Najdić, Stefan Munitić
Feasible Engineering Solutions to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Pollution in the Atmosphere Using Natural and Human Made Sinks

Tina Vukasović, Nataša Jalen
Marketing Plan Proposal for the Entry of a Food Supplement Brand into the Market

Luka Filipović, Borjana Mirjanić, Branko Ljutić
Technical Analysis Investment in Ripple XRP Digital Currency

Brankica Pažun
Cloud Computing Influence on Modern Business

Catalin Gheorghe
Solutions to Compensate the Effects of Labour Mobility in the Field of Industrial Enterprises in Romania
67-74< Dejan Viduka, Ana Bašić, Igor Lavrnić
Safety Challenges for the Children on the Internet

Olga Mašić
Industrial Hemp – Economic and Ecological Benefits: The Case of Serbia


Serbian Journal of Engineering Management VOL 3 No. 1, 2018.


Stefana Janićijević, Svetlana Milutinović, Nenad Avlijaš
Method of Clustering in Fashion Industry Sector with the Aim of Raising the Quality of Business for the Decision Makers

Tatjana Ilić-Kosanović
Employability and Competencies of the Engineering Management Students – Expectations of School of Engineering Management Students

Ognjen Raketić, Irena Rašević
Engineering Risk Analysis, Case Study of „Jasmin d.o.o.“

Malči Grivec
Financial Engineering in Slovenia: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Nevena Mihajlović, Marina Apostolovska
Engineering Leadership in Successful Business Organization

Jasmina Đurašković
Competence of Using the Electronic Government Services in Serbia

Bojana Pavlović
Motivation Engineering of Employees

Marius Calin Benea, Maria Laura Benea
Engineering Sustainable Development in Romania

Dejan Viduka
Social Engineering of Open Source Software

Sergio Caldeirinha
Toyota Individual and Team Potential Modeling


Serbian Journal of Engineering Management VOL 2 No. 2, 2017.

Vol. 3, No. 3, 2017.


Adis Puška, Admir I. Beganović, Sead Šadić
Impact of Subjective Judgment of Decision Makers on an Investment Decision

Mirjana Kranjac, Srđan Tomić
Clustering in Vojvodina (Serbia)

Dragan Nedeljković
Managerial Decisions and Social Responsibility of Companies in International Business

Aleksandar Petrov
Engineering of Security Measures at Ben Gurion International Airport

Stanko Bulajić
Due Diligence as a Key Factor of Financial System of Companies

Duško Tomić, Jelena Dinić, Tijana Kostadinović
Phases of the Security Risk in the Decision-Making Process in the Republic of Bulgaria

Ognjen Raketić, Irena Rašević
The Comparative Analysis of Competitiveness between Samsung and Apple

Marjan Gjurovski
Conceptual Apporoach in Creating Security Policy of the Republic of Macedonia

Nikola Ilić, Radomir Stojković
The Development of The European Union through the Prism of a Common Foreign and Security Policy

Jelena Rajković
Theoretical Approach to the Principles of Management – Literature Review


Serbian Journal of Engineering Management VOL 2 No. 1, 2017.


Vasko Vassilev, Emil Velinov
Monitoring and Evaluation of Quality in Rail Transport Services – An element of Quality Management

Slobodan Vasović, Jelena Z. Rajković, Aleksandar Milin
Cold Chain Temperature Infuence Assessment

Dragoljub Tica, Aleksandra Vidović, Andrej Kurtović
Optimal Number of Employees in Electric Power Distribution Companies

Irena Rašević, Ognjen Raketić
The Instruments of Financial Analysis and Their Role in the Company Creditworthiness – Case Study “Metalac”, Gornji Milanovac

Željko Grujčić, Vladimir Tomašević
Optimal Choice of Laptop Applying Dea Method

Živko Ralić
Selection of Optimal Methods of Investment Decision-Making in Management of Business Processes

Brankica Pažun
Some Recommendations in DBMS Optimization Process

Radomir Stojković
Crisis in Economic Theory and Practice

Adis Puška, Admir I. Beganović, Sead Šadić
Situation and prospects of balneo-climatic treatment in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Shkelqim Fortuzi, Arjeta Hallunovi, Elfrida Taraku, Ejona Duci
Is the Informal Economy an Obstacle for the Economic Development in Albania?


Serbian Journal of Engineering Management VOL 1 No. 1, 2016.


Robert Jurča, Pavel Cícha, Petr Koudela
Using Modern Information and Communication Technologies in Education Process

Srđan Tomić
Improving Industrial Technology Formats Using Quality Management

Konstantin Kolev, Maya Tsoklinova
Relationship Between Competition, Innovation And Productivity Growth

Stanko Bulajić
The Economic and Technological Analysis of Waste Streams in The Republic of Serbia

Drago Pupavac, Robert Maršanić, Justin Pupavac
Contributions on Thought About Eecological Problems in The Republic of Croatia

Emilija Šipka
3d Hologram Technology Application in Education

Željko Grujčić
Implementation of Decision Support Systems in the Process of Choosing Optimal Small City Car

Ionka Gancheva
Analysis of Virtual Networks in Data Centers

Živko Ralić
Živko Ralić, Energy and Environment

Slobodan Vasović, Damir Ilić
An Analysis of EU Policies and Activities on Food Production