The Celebration of Patron Saints of the School – the Holy Three Hierarchs 2023

The School of Engineering Management today celebrated the Patron Saints of the School – the Holy Three Hierarchs.

The three hierarchs are historical figures Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian and John Chrysostom, and the holiday was established in their honor in 1076.

Saint Basil the Great is known as a great secular and spiritual teacher of the church. St. Gregory the Theologian was called the Theologian because he unsurpassedly interpreted the dogma, and St. John Chrysostom is remembered as an unattainable preacher of the Gospel, which is why he was so called. Saints marked not only the time in which they lived, but also Christianity itself.

Celebration of the Holy Three Hierarchs has a great tradition in all Orthodox countries, and in Greece it even has a national character and is considered a holiday of education and the teachers.