We present new courses at the Master’s studies: Internet of Things and cyber security

We continue to present new Master courses!

Internet of Things and cyber security

The goal of this new course in the master’s program Project Management and Industry 4.0 is to enable the students to understand and work on fitting the world of things into the global changes brought about by the application of digitalization. They need to be able to the Internet of Things, that is, the exchange of data between things in production processes and in real-life everyday processes. This includes understanding the principles of digital data transmission, the application of Internet technologies, mobile networks, satellite communications, sensor systems and standards for computer (cyber) security and system security, as well as understanding the connected global network of things and its purpose and application.

Students will be able to understand, apply and introduce the Internet of Things into production processes and into real-life everyday processes. They will be able to understand what enables systems where physical elements exchange data with each other and manage processes through artificial intelligence. Students will be trained to design, implement and re-engineer the functioning of the Internet of Things and the sustainable development of society. Students will be trained to understand and use the opportunities and challenges of the Internet of Things and how companies and individuals should prepare for this concept and the benefits it brings, as well as to understand security risks and protection opportunities.

Some of the most important topics:

Digitization and network economy; Digital data transmission, Principle of operation of the Internet; Internet protocols; Role of data, acquisition and processing; Principles of operation of intelligent devices; Sensors and the principle of their operation; Types of sensors; Sensor networking; Internet of Things; Smart stuff; Internet of Things technologies; Mobility of things; Computer security and safety; Added value through networking things; Cloud computing, shared hardware and software resources; Big data concept; Introduction of drones into business; Blockchain concept; Opportunities and challenges of the Internet of Things; Necessary new knowledge for the Internet of Things; Acquiring new skills for the Internet of Things; Re-engineering towards the introduction of the Internet of Things; Analysis of the situation in Europe, America, China and other countries; Possibility of development and application of the Internet of Things in Serbia, necessary administrative conditions, necessary equipment and knowledge; International cooperation in the development of the Internet of Things.

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