What do your hobbies tell employers?

When you are at the job interview and it comes to hobbies, for most candidates it is a relaxed chat with potential employers and breaking the fear. However, before you start talking about playing cards with a neighbor, social networks, horse riding or writing songs, think carefully about what you will say to the person across the way, because that reveals your personality that may be important for future employment.

Some of your hobbies or interests, such as organizing gatherings or parties for your loved ones, may indicate to your employer that you are the right person to plan certain business events in the future. Therefore, in addition to the above requirements of the employer, it is important to think about the list of hobbies and present the seemingly insignificant aspects of your life.

Here are some examples where your hobby can point out to an employer the additional skills and abilities you possess:

  1. That you are team oriented

Many jobs require teamwork and support from colleagues, it is good to list private activities that speak of you as a “team player”. For example, playing soccer or volunteering on certain projects can tell that you are a person who is ready to be an important link in the chain.

  1. To have leadership skills

If you are the president of the assembly of tenants in the building, or the reading club in the local library, and that is enough for the employer to see that you are a person who is ready to take the initiative to do the job entrusted to her in the right way.

  1. To actively work on improving your skills

When choosing an adequate candidate for a certain job, it is very important for the employer that it is a person who is ready to expand his knowledge and skills, when encouraged in the right way. Sometimes it is enough to point out that, as a passionate fisherman, you regularly follow all the news from the world of fishing, buy new equipment and constantly apply new knowledge in that field, and it will be one of the indicators that you may be the right person for the job.

  1. That you are versatile

If all your activities do not end when you come home after working hours, but go to hang out with friends, attend various courses or go to sports activities, it will be clear to the employer that you are a person who is able to build good relationships with colleagues. curious, constantly looking for new solutions and can contribute to the business with innovative approaches and new ideas.

  1. To strive to achieve the set goal

Every employer is impressed that there is an employee in their team who does not give up easily and is focused on achieving business results. For example, if the announcement of bad weather threatens to spoil your barbecue with friends in nature, and you go to work and make an improvised canopy on a bare meadow, big enough for no one to get wet and lunch ready, it can be a clear signal to the employer, that you are able to find alternative solutions to reach the goal, that you do not give up easily and that there are no unsolvable situations for you.

It should be noted that if you state at a job interview that you do not have any hobbies, it can be an indication to the employer that you are a person who does not have the way or activities that will help regenerate and recharge batteries.

So, your activities that are not directly related to work show the employer in the best way what you will be like in the workplace, and you should pay special attention to that.

Source: https://poslovi.infostud.com/saveti/