Workshop Invitation – Social Impact Award Program

Young people from all over Serbia have the opportunity to turn innovative ideas into sustainable projects, the largest European program to support innovation in the field of social entrepreneurship Social Impact Award launches SIA Caravan – series of workshops in 10 cities in Serbia.

The first workshop will be held in Belgrade on Saturday, April 9 at 10 am at Savska 5.

The Social Impact Award provides education, mentoring and financial support to young people in over 15 countries. The program is intended for young people aged 15 to 30 who have innovative solutions to social challenges and need support to implement these solutions into sustainable projects.

The workshops are designed so that participants turn an innovative idea that solves a problem in their environment into a successful and sustainable project, to learn how to win mentoring and financial (up to 1500 EUR) support to implement the idea, and to learn all about social entrepreneurship. Innovation can address the following topics: poverty reduction, health, education, environment, energy, information and communication technologies, human rights, equal opportunities, but also other related topics.

The program in Serbia has been implemented by the organization Razlivalište since 2014, and the program was supported by ErsteBank, Coca-Cola HBC Serbia, SAP, ERSTE Foundation and the University of Economics and Business in Vienna.

If this sounds interesting, you can sign up here.

All information about the program can be found on, and for all questions there is the program coordinator David Vučen (