Jelena Mitić at the Professional Librarian Meeting in Dalj

  • 8:42PM Nov 12, 2023

Jelena Mitić, Head of Library of the School of Engineering Management, attended the Round Table of the Library Association of Serbia and the “Đorđe Ocić” Association, held on November 10, in Dalj (Croatia). The Round Table with the theme Formation of special libraries and their importance in the scientific-research process, was an opportunity to hear […]

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Guest lecture – Kosta Živanović

  • 3:52PM Nov 09, 2023

Kosta Živanović, a graduate of the University of Cambridge (Master’s program: Technology Policy) and the School of Engineering Management (Program: Engineering Management), today shared with the students of the first and fourth year of undergraduate studies his experience from student competitions, studying abroad, as well as experience in starting start up business and work for […]

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Guest lecture – Olivera Stojanović from the Company “Absolut Time”

  • 3:20PM Nov 08, 2023

Olivera Stojanović, Director of the Company “Absolut Time”, the exclusive representative for luxury goods on the market of Serbia and Montenegro, gave a guest lecture at the School of Engineering Management today. On this occasion, students were able to learn about the business, strategy, and promotional activities of the company, which offers brands from the […]

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Cooperation with the Music Center of Montenegro

  • 9:32AM Oct 31, 2023

On behalf of the Music Center of Montenegro, Milica Raičević, Head of the Educational Sector and Mirjana Kojić, Head of the International Cooperation Sector, visited the School of Engineering Management and the Belgrade Dance Institute. Meeting with the representatives of the Music Center of Montenegro on the occasion of cooperation in educational and artistic activities […]

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Bosch Company Presentation

  • 3:42PM Oct 30, 2023

The presentation of Bosch Company at the School of Engineering Management was held on Monday, October 30, by Nađa Dražović from the Human Resources Department. On this occasion, the professional internship program was presented to the students.  

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Bosch Group Presentation

  • 1:00PM Oct 25, 2023

We invite you to the presentation of the Bosch Company, which will be held at the School of Engineering Management on Monday, October 30, starting at 2 p.m. On behalf of the Bosch Company, Nađa Dražović from the Human Resources Department will give a presentation, and the students will also be presented with a professional […]

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Professors and Students Attended the Celebration of 120 Years of the Belgrade City Museum

  • 3:45PM Oct 20, 2023

Dean, Prof. Dr. Vladimir Tomašević, Prof. Dr. Snežana Arnautović Stjepanović, Prof. Dr. Miomir Petrović and Prof. Aleksandar Ilić with the students of the Belgrade Dance Institute attended the celebration of 120 years of the Belgrade City Museum. On that occasion, professor Miomir Petrović was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for his contribution to the […]

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