The Introductory Meeting of the WaPoDe Scientific Project

  • 10:14AM Dec 15, 2023

The introductory meeting of the WaPoDe (Water Pollution Detection) Scientific Project was held at the School of Engineering Management on December 14. It is a project supported by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, in which the Technical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, the Institute of Nuclear Sciences in […]

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Guest Lecture by Duško Marjanović from the Company TIM 99

  • 10:30AM Dec 14, 2023

Duško Marjanović, Director of the Company TIM 99 gave a guest lecture to the students of the School of Engineering Management on December 13. The students had the opportunity to hear about the correlation between theoretical and practical knowledge, how to analyze the market and “seize the opportunity”, the necessity of delegation and digital marketing, […]

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Guest Lecture by Martin Cuff, Prime Minister’s Advisor

  • 2:17PM Dec 07, 2023

Martin Cuff, Prime Minister’s Advisor, held a guest lecture on December 7 at the School of Engineering Management, on the topic of creative industries. Martin Cuff is Advisor for Creative Industries and Tourism to Prime Minister Ana Brnabić of the Republic of Serbia, and Strategic Advisor to the Serbia Creates platform. With over twenty five […]

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School of Engineering Management Awarded

  • 2:43PM Dec 01, 2023

The Society of Engineering Management of Serbia awarded the main prize to the School of Engineering Management for the overall contribution to the development of engineering management in the Republic of Serbia through programs of basic, master’s and doctoral studies, as well as extracurricular activities. The award was received on behalf of the School by […]

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COBISS Day at the National Library of Serbia

  • 9:43AM Dec 01, 2023

Jelena Mitić, Head of Library, attended the COBISS Day at the National Library of Serbia on November 30. On the occasion of the celebration of 20 years since the establishment of the Center for Mutual Cataloging in the Republic of Serbia in the Bibliographic System COBISS, in cooperation with the Institute of Information Sciences from […]

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Asst. Prof. Dr. Ilija Životić at the Berlin Security Conference

  • 8:16AM Nov 30, 2023

Asst. prof. Dr. Ilija Životić is participating in the Berlin Security Conference, which brings together defense ministers and chiefs of general staff of EU member states, as well as their representatives in NATO. The main speakers are Katja Keul, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Maecel de Vink, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the […]

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NCR Voyix Company Guest Lecture

  • 3:34PM Nov 29, 2023

Today, a guest lecture by representatives of the NCR Voyix was held at the School of Engineering Management. NCR Corporation provides services that enable business interaction, connection and transaction among their customers. With its array of services, NCR facilitates nearly 550 million transactions per day across retail, finance, travel, hospitality and telecommunications.

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Students at the International Conference – DSC Europe 23

  • 3:21PM Nov 28, 2023

Students of the School of Engineering Management attended DSC Europe 23, International Conference on Artificial Intelligence. The Conference program is designed to provide knowledge as a basis for career and business improvement. DSC Europe is one of the leading movements dedicated to artificial intelligence and data worldwide, connecting all stakeholders in one place.

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Elle Style Awards

  • 4:43PM Nov 21, 2023

Under the theme Mystical Forest Soirée, this year’s ELLE STYLE AWARDS powered by Belodore took place on Monday, November 20th, at Sava Centar. The event was ceremoniously opened with a choreography by Jovana Ikonić, a first-year master’s student at the Belgrade Dance Institute. The choreography was performed by the professor and students of the Belgrade […]

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